Nairobi Kenya; 10 things the western media will not tell you.

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nairobi kenya

Nairobi Kenya is the capital of Kenya and the largest city in east and central Africa. However, let me try answer some common question about Nairobi Kenya that am often asked. I have listed them down here.

  1. Where is Nairobi?

Nairobi is a city found in Kenya. It is the political and administrative city of the nation. Nairobi city is also a county. The city is almost middle way between the coastal city of Mombasa and the lakeside city of Kisumu. It 1685 meters above sea level. It main airport is Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). It has a population of about 3 million people according to 2017 population estimates. Its longitude and latitude are -1.28° latitude and 36.82° longitude.

  1. Where is Kenya?

Kenya is a country in East Africa. It neighbors Ethiopia to the north. Somalia to the East. The Indian Ocean to the south east. Tanzania to the south. Uganda to the West and South Sudan to the North East. It has varied landscapes, from sunny beaches, savannah grasslands, rift valley to mountain ranges. It has the strongest economy among the East African states.

  1. What is Nairobi Kenya currency?

The Kenyan currency is called the Shilling, abbreviated as Ksh. At current exchange rates, 1Ksh= 0.01$US. The currency is further divided into cents. 1Ksh=100Kcents.

The money can be found in denominations of 50cents, One shilling, five shillings, ten shillings and twenty shillings. These are coins. Paper money are in denominations of 50,100,200, 500 and 1000.


  1. What is the political situation in Nairobi Kenya like?

Unlike most African countries, Nairobi’s and indeed Kenya’s political atmosphere is a stable one. Though political temperatures can hit boiling point during electioneering years. Otherwise Kenya is stable politically.

Now Nairobi Kenya, is one of the best destinations to travel to. Boasting a National park within its boulders, it the entry to unforgettable African savannah experience. Below I have put together, things about the city that no one will tell you. Not even the international media.

Curious, continue reading to find out.

10 thing the western media will not tell you about Nairobi Kenya

nairobi kenya

  • Nairobi is safe.

Forget those stories you hear on CNN or some other international media that has no clue where Nairobi Kenya is. Nairobi is as safe as any other city. This a concern that most of you may have prior to coming. If you are coming for safari, come and enjoy. Besides Nairobi has hoisted and continues to host international meeting and conferences. This in itself is a testimony of how the safe the city can be.

  • Kenyans are hospitable accept their food.

Kenyans are very hospitable people. In Kenyan tradition, visitors are often given food. Please accept their food sine rejecting it may be an offence. Besides, your host, or whoever else you may have met here may have gone out of their way to give something to bite.

  • Not all Kenyans run.

When you see Kenyans winning major marathons or medals at major athletics meetings, you may be tempted to think that all Kenyans can run. However the truth is that most Kenyans do not run. In fact an average Kenyan cannot run in any major race. That said we do also participate in other games too. Kenyans can also play rugby, volleyball, football (soccer) and even Kabaddi.

  • Do not ask Kenyans about their tribe.

Most Kenyans are offended when you ask them about their tribe. You should not ask to people in a group. You may want to leave that question to people who are comfortable answering it. Better still avoid asking that question completely.

  • Nairobi is developed more than you think.

Nairobi is a modern metropolis with good amenities. You will be surprised to find world class hotels, restaurants and housing. So do not come thing you going out there to Africa…where the western media has made you believe that it is a jungle.

  • Matutus are safe.

Matatus are public service vehicles that offer transport services within the city and to the other parts of the country at a small fee. You probably been told to avoid them during your visit to Nairobi.

Unless you have a taxi, which in most cases you will pay dearly, matatus are generally safe and the easiest way to move from one place another. You only need to be a little cautious.

  • In most cases traffic lights do not work.

Nairobi traffic lights can really be a mess. In fact they rarely work. So if you happen to be driving, you would better follow instructions from the traffic policemen and women. You best bet however, is to get a taxi or designated local driver.

  • When shopping, not everything can be bargained.

Some Foreigners quickly learn some Kenyan tricks. One of the tricks is that they can always bargain. However, not everything can be bargained. Be diligent and pay for some commodities as is in the price tag. Be informed that most locals cannot fathom a visitor bargaining.

  • There so many attractions within the boundaries of the city.

You probably are on your way to the Masai Mara, or Amboseli and are just looking at Nairobi as a transit point. Yes, most forks do that. But did you know that there are many attractions within the city? Ask you travel agent about them and you will be astonished at what you can be able to within the city.

  • It is not always a shiny sunny paradise

Nairobi weather is adorable. But it is not always this way. The weather often takes a nosedive especially in the month of June to August.


Do not everything you here out there. These are facts about Nairobi that most people miss out.

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Nairobi Kenya; 10 things the western media will not tell you.

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