Nairobi animal orphanage

The Nairobi animal orphanage is one of the major attractions in the city located just off Langata road. It was established late in the 1963 as a centre for rescued animals that are either lost, abandoned, sick or injured. It is the largest such facility in the city and by far the oldest. Over years it has attracted so many people who have come either to just see these animals or to show love to these animals.

Animals at Nairobi Animal Orphanage

It is located at the Nairobi National Park which is just 10 kilometers from the city centre, a 15 minutes’ drive when traffic is clear. On 3.3 acres of land, at one corner of the park, you will find this gem. It is one of the places I highly recommend to visit before you go to the Nairobi National park. The other place I recommend is the Nairobi safari walk. These three place are attractions in one located at the same place only that they showcase things differently.

What to do at Nairobi Animal Orphanage

If you have time to spare, there are so many things you can do at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage and it is only probably the only place you can touch some of the animals.

So what can you do at the animal orphanage?

Come see animals

This place hosts many animals you can come and see. If you have not seen a lion, you can see it here. It houses so many animals both indigenous and exotic. Here you will see: lions, hyena, cheetah, warthogs, leopards, buffalo, apes, wild dogs, hyenas, monkeys, and different species of birds such as the cranes and guinea fowls.

You can also see other species of birds although these have made this place their home voluntarily.

Show love to the animals

You can come and show love to these animals by visiting and offering support to the staff. You can also assist in taking care of the animals but off course in company of trained personnel. As said, these animals that are either abandoned, neglected, orphaned, sick or old in age. Adopting an animal is always a great option.

Educational tours

The Nairobi Animal Orphanage has always been famous with school going children. But to us as parents, it gives us the opportunity to introduce our kids to these wild animals. Usually there are guided educational tours which are done by professional guides. Better still, there are places such as resting places that offer excellent outside classrooms.

What is more interesting is that is an excellent learning centre that follows the national(Kenyan) curriculum. And the learners have the opportunity to either adopt an animal, identify different species of trees and even watch the birds of the air as they fly by.

Take photos

If you just find yourself at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage, one of the activities you will likely enjoy doing is taking photos of the different species of animals. And if the animals love you, you can take photos holding some of them. Of recent past, a pair of cheeters has been kindly offering this service to many visitors.

Begin your wild experience.

Year that is correct, this is the perfect place to begin your safari not only in Nairobi but Kenya. I have always advised that if you are going to Nairobi National Park, you better begin at the animal orphanage, the safari walk, finally at the National Park. So I consider this a place to begin your wild experience of the wild that is Kenya.

What to carry

This is a place you can be through within hours. However, it does not mean that you do not have to carry anything. My advice is that carry the following and/or prepare as follows;

  • Put on light clothes and shoes because they will be a lot of walking around.
  • A camera is a must have, you do not want to miss anything.
  • A bottle of water is must, but as for food, there is affine restaurant nearby.




The Orphanage is opened daily from 6.00am to 8.00pm. If you come in with you own car, there is space to park. For charges, please go to KWS website here. But note that Safari Cards are not needed here. However, you can pay by cash or credit card. Also you can get rules and regulations at the KWS website.


You can get in touch with the contact the personal through

Cell: +254 202587411


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Nairobi animal orphanage

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