Nairobi Nightlife

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Nairobi Nightlife is a guide for the best Nairobi sports bars, comedy clubs, movie theaters and discos.
Nairobi city’s nightlife is vibrant, fun elaborate and plentiful.
While it is affectionately nicknamed as “the green city in the sun”, The city retains its life long after the sun sets. You can choose from the huge number of sports bars, movies, discotheques, live music joints and exclusive clubs.
And that’s not all; Nairobi nightlife also provides you with comedy clubs that will leave you fully entertained.
But there is one caveat; the city’s nightlife shuts down early compared to other big cities. Most clubs don’t do business after 2 am. But that takes nothing away from an otherwise vibrant nightlife, as you will find plenty of entertainment before close time

Explore Nairobi Nightlife in Top Sports Bars

Nairobi sports bars are without doubt the choice destinations to watch live games. What with big screens and rich sports memorabilia, some of which rival even the best sports museums.
Here for our top sports bars in Nairobi

Best Nairobi Discotheques

If you are out for a night of dance, then Nairobi will more than satisfy your thirst. This guide will offer you important information about the top Nairobi discotheques, as well as vital tips to help keep you safe.

Best Nairobi Nightclubs

Nairobi is home to many nightclubs, most of which are located in upmarket locations. The nightclubs offer a diverse and fun entertainment menu for varying clientele. Most clubs have special nights for different genres and cultures.
Clubs in Lavington Nairobi
Lavington is an up-market suburb of Nairobi. It is home to some of the top entertainment spots in the city. This location offers numerous clubs that guarantees top-notch entertainment. Lavington is also quite secure, so you do not have to worry about sampling its nightclubs.
Here are some of the top clubs in Lavington Nairobi
Clubs in Westlands
Unofficially acclaimed as Nairobi’s entertainment capital, Westlands will definitely delight you with its generous number of nightclubs. It is important to note that nightclubs in Westlands, just like those in Lavington are more inclined to well-heeled clientele. But that should not deter you from sampling nightclubs in this locality.
Here are the top nightclubs in Westlands.
Nairobi Comedy Clubs
If you want to have a hilarious night in Nairobi, you can always count on our comedy clubs. They range from stand-up comedy clubs to live broadcast comedy nights.

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Nairobi Nightlife
Nairobi Nightlife is a guide for the best Nairobi sports bars, comedy clubs, movie theaters and discos. Places you go to when the sun goes down.
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Nairobi Travel Guide

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