Karura Forest charges

These are Karura Forest charges. The forest is opened daily at 6.00am and closes at 6.00pm. This is the entry fee to the park which is used to maintain the forest. Below are the rates that apply

Kenyan/EAC Citizen40100
Non Resident300600


(NB: Residents are persons living in Kenya, proof of residence required.)

So those are the Karura Forest charges, however they may change with time, it is important to come to to these pages more often to see the changes.

As of writing this article 1$US= KSh103.60

Karura forest charges
Tourist enjoying Karura forest scenes

About Karura Forest

Even as you look at the Karura forest charges, it just important to know more about it. The forest is the largest of its kind in the city. The Nairobi arboretum is much smaller. This forest is located in the area that was once forested but now forms some of the high end suburbs in the city. These estates include, Muthaiga, Runda, Ridgeways, Spring Valley and Highridge. On the outskirts of the forest is the United Nations Nairobi Office and United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) headquarters.

Sitting on about 1065 hectares, it is to the north of the city centre and is a major source of tributaries of Nairobi River. These tributaries include Mathare River, Ruaraka River and Karura river. It is the only gazetted forest in Nairobi although the Ngong’ forest and Ololua forest are also gazetted forests that lie in the neighboring Kajiado County just a stone throw from Nairobi.

What to do at Karura Forest Nairobi

Karura forest is such a wonder, especially for those who love trees. It is a developed tourism attraction and attracts so many people who come to sample its beauty. The forest is run by the Kenya Forest Service and the Friends of Karura forest.

Thanks to the effort of some individual such as the Nobel Prize winner Maathai Wangari, this forest remains intact although smaller in size. As such there is so much you can enjoy at this park. Below I have put down some suggestions for you.

Go sight seeing

The forest is a very good place to go site see. There are several attractions such as waterfalls, tree species, patches of bamboo forests, marshlands and an old church. However, the best of these attractions are the Mau Mau caves that were used by Africans (most of whom were Kikuyus) to wedge war on the colonial government of the day.

Go for nature trails and hikes

In the recent past nature trails have been created for those who love just doing that. One such trail begins at the Limuru Road to the old Kiambu road and is 4 kilometers long. There other trails you can follow but of course in company of guides. If you love hiking, you can also do it here and enjoy the best path to hike.

Come see animals

Although this is not like a typical park in Kenya, such as the Nairobi National park, you can be able to see small animals such as the bush back, bush pig, bush baby, porcupine, dik dik, the East African fruit fly and the African civet. There are also hundreds of birds and butterfly species.

Go for workout and jogging

The terrain at the Karura forest is one of the best for workout whether keeping fit or exercising for a major competition. With trees overhead, what a better place this is could for such activity.

These are some of the things you can do at the forest but once there you may discover other things that you may want to do. You can always ask the guides for what else you can do at this forest.

Picnics and Special Events

This is a very popular place for organized events such as Picnics, Filming, Exhibitions, Fund raising, Weddings, Team building activities and family get together. Such activities usually take place at the KFEET Centre and the number of people taking place should be less than 1000 participants. For rates on these special events, please go to www.friendsofkarura.org.

What to carry

Apart from having the Karura forest charges, it is advisable that you should put on light clothes and shoes. However I recommend carrying bottle water, a pair of binoculars and a camera. You may not need a compass, since you will be in company of a guide (highly recommended).

Even if you were alone and got lost, you will be able to find your way easily or at least get to civilization within minutes.

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Karura Forest charges

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