Nairobi restaurants

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Nairobi restaurants are places you experience first hand Nairobi hospitality. This is a much loved experience for both tourists and city residents alike. But the challenge lies in how to choose from the very many restaurants found all over the city.
The Nairobi City Restaurant Guide has organized Nairobi restaurants in various categories. We have classified them in terms of neighborhoods, type and location to make things easier for you.
Make Nairobi City Restaurant Guide as your focal point, whether you are looking for Chinese restaurant, fast food joint, a coffee house, or a bar that serves tasty delicacy. You will also find the Guide useful if you are in for a seafood delight, an inexpensive outlet or a world-acclaimed brand.
The Nairobi restaurant guide will outline questions asked by other users as well as answers to those questions. You are also free to ask questions, which we will, to our utmost best, try to respond.
You will also be delighted to know that most of Nairobi restaurants offer home delivery services. Another tick in the box is that they can serve you on your big occasion; be it wedding, party or other engagements. Another bonus is that most of these restaurants are either chef-owned or locally-owned, which means you get homely and unique service.

Nairobi Restaurants in Westlands

Westlands is on Nairobi’s western end. The area is one of the city’s most affluent regions and hosts numerous quality restaurants. These eateries range from American, Asian, French, coffee joints to art galleries. Some of the best include the following listed below.
Furusato Japanese Restaurant
furusato-japanese-restaurant-min-300x225 Nairobi restaurants
This is a large restaurant that has long been popular with diplomatic staff and other expatriates. Its clowning glory is its sushi bar that offers a delicious menu of fresh sashimi. Another of Furusato’s merits is its 6 Tepanyaki tables that allow the chefs to do their work in front of the guests. For those who prefer a more secluded setting, the restaurant has a private dining area that caters for up to 10 guests. The facility is near Nakumatt Ukay, which is within close proximity from the city center.
Corner Affair Bistro

Corner-Affair-min-300x225 Nairobi restaurants

This is an elegant eatery with a comfortable décor and friendly staff. The calm, relaxing environment makes it a lovely location to enjoy a quiet meal alone or with your loved ones. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of traditional delights, marinated chicken and steak dishes. The beauty of this restaurant is that it deals with only a limited menu of special delicacies, which ensures perfection.
Kahawa Corner Coffee

Kahawa-Corner-Coffee-min-300x225 Nairobi restaurants

If you love your coffee, then Kahawa Corner Coffee in Westlands is a nice place to visit. The restaurant has its own coffee roasting and grinding machine, which ensures fresh coffee is served at all times.

Restaurants in City Center

The central Business District also offers many international and local restaurants that cater for different tastes and clientele. Some of these include;
Tamarind Restaurant

Tamarind-Restaurant-min-300x225 Nairobi restaurants


This eatery, located along Aga Khan Walk, National Building. Known for its seafood, is without doubt one of the best Nairobi restaurants. The dining area is set in a modern Arabic-Moorish Style. It offers an extensive and splendid menu full of exotic favorites.
The Tamarind also own the renown Carnivore Restaurant that specializes in meat products.
Trattoria Italian Restaurant

Trattoria-Italian-Restaurant-min-300x225 Nairobi restaurants


This restaurant at the junction of Wabera and Kaunda streets in the city center, is one of the best within the city. It is open for business from 7.00 am to 12.00 am and overlooks city hall. The restaurant is a favorite for both tourists and locals alike.
Kengeles Bar and Restaurant

kengeles-min-300x242 Nairobi restaurants

This western chain restaurant on Koinange Street near the Kenya Comfort Hotel, is a place to try eating out. It has a rich extensive menu which includes, but not limited to, burgers, African, Mexican, Asian and grills. You can also enjoy your time on its open-air balcony.
Having said that, it important to note that most hotels have restaurants of their own. If you booking yourself in a hotel be sure there will be a restaurant within.

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