Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi

Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi is a meat specialty restaurant that will serve you the finest pork, rumps of beef, ostrich, sirloins, spare ribs, chicken wings, sausages, racks of lamb, and even crocodile.   The Carnivore, which opened its doors to public way back in 1980, is 4 kilometers from Nairobi’s city centre in the Langata suburbs. As a tribute to its revered standards, this “Beast of a Feast” has twice been voted among the top 50 restaurants in the world. This facility is a member of the Tamarind Restaurants Group –that manages a chain of restaurants in Nairobi and Mombasa.   Lunch or Dinner at Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi Any genuine Meat Eater visiting Nairobi must surely sample what has come to christened “The Carnivore Experience”. An opportunity to enjoy different types of meat roasted on Maasai Skewers/swords over spectacular charcoal pit is surely not one to miss. As a tradition, waiters…

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