Top 7 best places to live in Nairobi Kenya

RUNDA-KILELESHWA-best places to live in Nairobi Kenya.

These are the best places to live in Nairobi Kenya. These are places you will want to live in. Most of these neighborhoods are located to the west and north of the city. And they were homes to the colonialists during the period that Kenya was under Britain rule.

Today they are homes to the rich and affluent in Nairobi. Below is a list of these places. And if you want to know the best neighborhoods to live in, all you need to do is to continue reading.

The  best places to live in Nairobi Kenya.


MUTHAIGA-best places to live in Nairobi Kenya


This is by far one of Nairobi’s finest neighborhoods. And you will be made aware of this once you decide that this of you home. Most of your neighbors will be ambassadors, ministers and even former presidents. It is also famous with expatriates, who love this neighborhood.

Muthaiga was once part of the Karura forest that was carved out for settlements. However this is place for the wealthy. There is 24-hour security and you will certainly feel comfortable here. Nearby is the Muthaiga golf club that often host golf tournaments. This neighborhood can be accessed via the Thika Superhighway exit 5 or through Limuru road and is only 4km north of the city centre.


LAVINGTON-best places to live in Nairobi Kenya

This is another safe and one of the best neighborhoods that you will want to call home. It is located to the north west of the city. One wonderful thing about it is its landscape. There are a few modern apartment blocks here although most of the houses are bungalows. The gardens are well kept and large. Lavington lies just 7km from the city centre and is sandwiched between Hurlingham and Westlands.



KILELESHWA-best places to live in Nairobi Kenya.

Kileleshwa is greener quieter than most other suburbs mentioned here. It is just 4 kilometers to the city and most residents are high income Kenyans. However most expatriates find this neighborhood appealing, and many choose to settle here. Most the homes here are set on large gardens with large bungalows which have been here for long.


There is an international primary school located here so you kids will not have any problem going to school. Because of its distinct location, there are no large shopping malls here or even supermarkets. However, there are many shops in the neighborhood selling most essential commodities.

To get to the city centre, you may need to take a Matatu (Public transport Vehicle), but there is only one route through this estate. You may also take a taxi which would cost you about US $ 7.



RUNDA-KILELESHWA-best places to live in Nairobi Kenya.

Gigiri is the home to the United States Embassy in Nairobi and the United Nations complex. It is separated from the rest of the city by the expansive Karura forest. This is a place with leafy homesteads and good houses.

Neighboring it is the Runda estate, one of the best in Nairobi. It sits on land that was once a coffee plantation. These two places are among the safest places in Nairobi. Within this suburbs are popular shopping mall such as the Village Market. There are also good international schools.


Kilimani/Ngong Road

Kilimani-best places to live in Nairobi Kenya.

These are also areas that you may consider if you are looking for somewhere to live. They are safe neighbourhoods and loved by many. Most houses are old detached houses. Yet in some areas, there are modern apartments. All these places are bounded by the Ngong Road and the Dennis Print road.

One advantage of living here is that there are many public vehicles operating on its streets. There also many shopping malls and medical facilities nearby such as the Nairobi Hospital and the Kenyatta National Hospital.



Karen-best places to live in Nairobi Kenya

Karen is named after the author of ‘Out of Africa’, Karen Blixen. This is one of my favorite suburbs. It is located some 20km southwest of the city centre and you can get there via Ngong Road. There are many shopping facilities at the Karen shopping centre. Schools of international standards are also located here.

Karen is the ultimate neighborhood that you will want to be. If you want to live is area away from the city in a serene environment, then this one of the places you may want to consider. It is one of Nairobi’s finest neighborhoods.


Westlands-best places to live in Nairobi Kenya.


Westlands and the surrounding areas of Highridge and Spring Valley are centres associated with expatriates and wealthy people who live here. Unlike the other places it is a centre of entertainment loved by many people from across the city. There are so many entertainment spots such as nightclubs here. If you love shopping, this is the place to be. It is Nairobi’s entertainment capital.

Other Best places to live in Nairobi Kenya

People have different tastes and as they say , love is in the eyes of the beholder. Here are places you may also want to consider. There are among the the best places to live in Nairobi Kenya.

  • Riverside.
  • Ridgeways.
  • Parklands.
  • Old Runda.
  • Kitusuru
  • Nyari.
  • Kahawa Sukari.

That is done. The places I have listed above are best places to live in Nairobi Kenya and all you have to do is go there to see for yourself.

I would love to here your feedback. If you have that fine neighborhood I have not heard about, I would love to here it here. You can also create a post  here about the same. Just go to create a post widget.

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Top 7 best places to live in Nairobi Kenya

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