Mamba village Nairobi

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Mamba village Nairobi is one of the many places in Nairobi that gives a glimpse of what Nairobi truly is, a city in the wild.
The name is Swahili for crocodile and for sure as the name suggests, this a crocodile village. There are several Nile crocodiles here. When I took my last count, I went to almost seventy of these African reptiles. And this not the only attraction here, there are also the huge Masai ostrich birds.


Located in Karen Suburb of Nairobi some thirteen kilometers from the city center due west. Sitting on 30 acres of beautiful garden, it is any tourist wish list. This is a mini wilderness where you can privately enjoy your day away from the noisy city center. Complete with a fence all round is secure for you and your loved ones.
If you love nature, what a better place this can be for you as well? There are a variety of plant species, bird species and a scenetic view of the Ngong Hills.

More activities to enjoy at Mamba Village Nairobi.

There are several other activities that can be done here. If you love fun, you will love it here. There are campsites for campers, bicycle riding, swimming and even fishing. What’s more ? Complete with several restaurants and a lounge, you do not need to worry yourself where to eat and relax. Better still you can enjoy conference facilities at the mamba village Nairobi.
There plenty of Nyama choma (roast meat), loved by many tourist and locals alike. For a weekend out why not consider visiting the mamba village. Once you are through with this gem, you can also to the Giraffe Manor Nairobi which also found in the same locality.
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