Giraffe Manor

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Giraffe manor Nairobi is one of the best attractions in Nairobi, a place where dining with giraffes is a normal thing and extremely fun.When I first went there I was in company of my family we arrived shorty after 2.00 pm. It was one of the best experiences I have had in a while. It is one of my best spots as it not only one of its own kind, it is also historical.
Being a small hotel what makes it unique is the number of giraffes around. Picture this,taking your breakfast or dinner with a giraffe!

One of the best attractions

As scary as it may sound this is what make this place purely distinct. It is the only place in the world where you can have a photo with a giraffe at your breakfast table or at the bedroom window!
This is a must go place if you are in Nairobi. With very receptive staff and elegant rooms and a good memorable outing, it is a place I would want to go to again and again. Please read this review below, it is touching.
” My daughter enjoys feeding the giraffes and she will always be seated right at the window. Once while we were visiting, she took it too far my ordering an extra place for one of these tall animals. That has been her dream,her fascination,her passion and what make her a perfect outing. When school is not in session, I will always drive her here and I know her passion began a tender age and she got used not only to feeding this tallies but to kissing them ”

Accommodation and prices at Giraffe Manor Nairobi

This small hotel has very smart rooms. In total there are five double rooms. If you want to visit as a family, there is the master room which connects to the giraffe room.Pricing depends on the following factors.
Time of the year
This is due to demand and supply factors. Usually, rates are higher when demand is high. This is usually during the months of April, August and December.
Whether you want to share a room or not is another factor that you may want to consider.
Remember that these rates are inclusive of all meals, wine with dinner and lunch, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages except Champagne, laundry services, taxes and entrance to the giraffe center. Walks around this facility, and about Karen area are inclusive in this package.

Giraffe Manor Nairobi Location

The giraffe manor Nairobi is at Karen about 13 km from the city center on Ngong Road overlooking the Ngong Hills.
For actual rates and more information:
Call: +254 02 2513166

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