Arboretum Nairobi Kenya

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Arboretum Nairobi Kenya is a large recreational facility next to the Nairobi State House. It sits on 30 hectares of land and nature lovers paradise.
It owes its existence to the building of the Kenya -Uganda railway in the early 1900 when the trains that ran on wood fuel hit the rails. This site was to grow softwoods for the sole purpose of fueling train engines.

4 things you can do at Arboretum Nairobi Kenya

Sightseeing and Bird watching
The arboretum Nairobi Kenya has many species of birds, over 110 spotted. This makes it a perfect place to watch birds. What is even better is that there are many sites to be behold. Other species of animals can also found, such as the several families of monkeys.
Study Tree Species
One characteristic that makes this place unique is the number of indigenous species of trees. This makes it a very good place for any student of botany. What is even more interesting is the fact that these tree species have names, in both local languages and botanical names. Some trees stand tall and have been here for years. Yet many more continue to be planted. Usually the work of the Friends of the Arboretum.
Picnics, meetings and weddings
Picnics are some of the best things that are done here, and to be fair, no any other venue offers the best outdoor picnic sites than the Arboretum Nairobi Kenya. This also makes it a better place for outdoor meetings.
On weekends many wedding take place here and those that have taken place elsewhere, come here for photo sessions. The park is also famous for love birds who may want to spend time alone at secluded areas of park.
A place to jog
Those that love jogging can came to this place to do so. The trails and paths are paved , ideal for those that want to run around. Residents living around this park prefer this place for their morning workouts.

How To Get there

This place is close to the city centre just over 3 km. Its main gate can be accessed via state house road. Either through the St.Paul Cathedral junction or via the main road to State house which the one has to go through the Arboretum drive. You can also access it via Kileleshwa.
Entry to the park is free. However, the gates are open at 8.00 am and closed at 5.00 pm. One more thing to note is that vehicles are not allowed in the park and there is a small parking outside the main entrance where one can park. But since the park is close, taking a walk is also an alternative to taking a vehicle.

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