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H i and Welcome, my name is Maishah Marsden a part time blogger and am glad you are here. Below is the story I know you looking forward to read.

The Story

It was 2012. And like any young man, the Net fascinated me! I would literally spend hours behind my computer.

Never did I think I would start a website about a city I lived in, an exotic part of the world I always refer to as the ‘Safari capital of the world, where the African Wild begins.’

But then, the unimaginable happened…

It wasn’t until years later that I realized that my gift for marketing and writing was my way of changing the world. I had written so many articles for people and getting paid about $3 per page. That was my way of making a living. Then I came across the word ‘blogging’. Huh……I could do it on my own. I could write for myself and help people out. The rest is history and the product is right before your eyes!

So why write about Nairobi?


  1. Well-researched and highly actionable content.

I work hard to write blog posts that add value and make it worth your time (even when the posts are long). There is way too much mediocrity in the world, there is absolutely no need for yet another mediocre blog. I strive for excellence, always. Every single blog post I put out there aims to be the best in the world content on whatever topic it is on.


  1. Noise reduction.

There is a lot of noise out there; you do not need more of it. You have a trip to Nairobi and you need answers. When I write on a topic, my goal is to make it so good you do not need to read much else on the subject. I will make sure the writing covers a lot of research, interesting points made by smart people and clear steps on what to do next.

  1. Am Nairobian, I know Nairobi.

The passion for Nairobi from me has been great. I have been in the city for over 20 years. I have assisted many a tourist coming to visit and may have been grateful for what I done. Besides I know the best the city has to offer and have personally savored the same.

  1. I write for smart fellows.

I know you are smart and you love smart content. That is what you get. No monkey business here.

More about Me

I’m the Founder and Principal at NairobiTravelGuide.Com

My peers call me Maisha (Swahili for Life), though that isn’t a nickname. I am from Kenya; and live in Nairobi (often spend my vacation on the sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast).


Am part time blogger and when not doing this, I am with my students teaching Chemistry and Mathematics. I’m an entrepreneur and passionate about driving change and growth through online marketing content.

I am devoted to what I do. You can always rely on me for help.

If you want to get in touch with me, shoot me an email at


You should follow me on Twitter here: @magicalNairobi

Better still, get to Contact Me page.


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