What is my Favorite and best Nairobi Travel Experience?

What is my favorite and best Nairobi Travel Experience? This is the question that I am asked by most visitors to Nairobi.  Please continue reading to find out what my best experiences are.

Did you know that Nairobi is the ultimate destination when you come to safari in World? And that it is the only city with a National park within its borders?  That is very true and within minutes of coming either by air, road or sea, can see amazing sites like this one:


giraffe manor nairobi

Or even this one below.

Lions at Nairobi National Park

See Nairobi Vacations through my eyes

NairobiTravelGuide.Com is an independent site that you can use as a guide to restaurants, hotels, attractions and shopping. You too can get more information about not only the city but top travel destinations in Kenya.

This site has grown out of passion for this city and my country. At NTG (NairobiTravelGuide.Com) we seek to provide unbiased, accurate, researched trustworthy information with includes and not limited to;

  • My favorite attractions.
  • What to do in the city.
  • The city’s best restaurants, from the most expensive to the least expensive.
  • Real Estate information.
  • The best neighborhoods to visit and live in.
  • Tourist and Travel information.
  • All that is happening in Nairobi.


A bit of Trivia for you

The word Nairobi derives from a water hole known in Maasai an indigenous tribe in Kenya as Enkare Nyirobi, which means “cool waters.” Nairobi, which was a swamp area, was founded in 1899 and was first a railway camp for the Uganda Railway aka Lunatic express. The city became Kenya’s capital, which was Mombasa initially, and it also became the capital of the British East Africa Protectorate in 1905. With the spread of plagues in the early 1900s, the town was burnt down and had to be rebuilt. Having a railroad system in the system helped it to have drastic growth, becoming the second largest city in Kenya behind Mombasa.

The city of Nairobi also grew due to administration and tourism businesses (mostly big game hunting). The British, who were one of Kenya’s colonizers, set up shop in Nairobi, leading to the creation of big hotels primarily for the British hunters. Also, the city has an East Indian community from those who are the descendants of original colonial railway laborers and merchants.

Plan your visit

If you are planning to visit Nairobi city and its attractions then you are doing the right thing. For once you arrive, you will be able to see and do many things that you cannot imagine. And do you know what; the experience gets better when you extend your visit to Kenyan Coast, Masai Mara and other destinations in Kenya.


A vacation on one or more of Nairobi destinations is a lifetime of pleasant memories. And you know what? Even if you do not intend to come now, going through these pages just feels like being here.


My favorite and best Nairobi Experience

As I promised, I would tell you my favorite and best experience. It is the look of satisfaction and delight I see on the faces of visitors to Nairobi as they enjoy the white sandy beaches , the sun, and the clear waters.

And remember this, that NairobiTravelGuide.Com can never take the place of coming in person and exploring the beaches. But until then when you can visit in person, please visit us here on this site as often as you want.





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